The perfect gift: Love passing through time.

The perfect gift: Love passing through time.

How can we express in an object, in a gift, all the feeling you have for that person. It is difficult to imagine how something can talk about love. However jewelry is the perfect piece to shows to others that they matter, that they are special no matter how much it cost because there is not enough money to tell you how much I love you.   

Jewelry have a sentimental value much higher than their monetary value. A five hundred dollar engagement ring can have infinitely greater intrinsic worth and be something to cherish forever. Moreover, its sentimental value can increase as it's handed down to future generations.

Because of that giving a jewel means giving something that never changes, that remains identical and is not affected by time. They are simply the closest thing to immortality we have found this far. Presenting with a jewel is an eternally meaningful gesture. It will maintain its importance and charm as the two of you grow older. This gesture means giving something immutable, which will remain unchanged. Something as beautiful and eternal as a feeling.

Jewelry can talk about loyalty, passion, inspiration, wisdom, hope, good wishes and of course love. Jewels are an intentional reminder of understanding that our feelings for the other person are stored in that piece, almost like magic, the memories of what that jewel represents return to us. 

by Fannie

The perfect gift: Love passing through time.

on Mar 27, 2022


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