Wedding Bands: What Types Exist?

Wedding Bands: What Types Exist?

Wedding bands, also known as wedding rings, are traditional accessories that cannot be missing in a marriage. This is because they symbolize unity and commitment between the special couple who is going to get married.

Wedding bands are frequently composed of gold, but you may also discover ones that were created using platinum or silver.

You should be aware that there are several varieties accessible if you are getting married or someone close to and dear to you is getting married, and you’d like to give them a major surprise with unique wedding bands. We invite you to read this post that we’ve prepared at Five Star Jewelers to learn more about them.

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Types of Wedding Bands According to Their Finish

Let’s start by looking at the various wedding band styles that you can find according to the finish of the metals. This is a fundamental aspect because it can determine the ring’s final appearance. Let’s explore the characteristics of each one:

Hammered: contains a textured effect, which may have some variation depending on the type of hammer used with which the jewel is struck.

Florentine: the finish of this ring is very similar to metal file-type dots. It can be achieved with a tool designed for this purpose, which has a diamond tip.

Satin: consists of a ring that has a medium finish that falls between matte and gloss. Its lines maintain a vertical and parallel aspect to each other.

Brushed: in this style, it’s possible to observe a finish that has a texture with vertical or horizontal stripes.

Polished: this is a widely used ring and the type of finish it has makes it quite shiny. This is achieved by polishing the external and internal part of the band with special wax and a lathe.

Sandblast: as you might expect, a treatment with natural sand is used to achieve this finish, which helps to attain a beautiful and pleasant matte texture.

Types of Modern Wedding Bands According to Their Width

Another aspect that can determine the different styles of wedding bands is their width. This is a fundamental factor that you must take into account when making the choice, and which will be determined according to the size of the hands and fingers of the couple. Wedding ring widths typically range from 2mm to 9mm.

Types of Wedding Bands According to Their Color

When browsing for wedding bands, you’ll certainly notice that they come in a variety of colors. It is crucial to make clear that pure gold, or gold that is 24k, is not used in jewelry due to its typical malleability and softness. 

As a result, it is combined with other kinds of metals during preparation to produce a more stable and long-lasting fusion. From there, the hue of the ring is determined. We’ll be covering these below:

Rose Gold Wedding Bands

In recent years, these are the bands that have gained the most strength. They have an incredibly stunning and innovative design, and have become a great trend in the world of jewelry. They nonetheless stand out from other rings as a distinctive alternative. 

This style is characterized by being a fairly versatile accessory, which makes it easy to combine with both soft and intense tones. These bands are synonymous with delicacy, love, and finesse.

To obtain the color that characterizes this type of ring, 75% pure gold, 20% copper and 5% silver are used.

White Gold Wedding Bands

As for these bands, they are characterized by being sophisticated and luxurious. They are usually known as white gold and diamond wedding bands, since the latter material stands out in a great way due to its shine.

In the manufacturing process, a rhodium bath is usually used in order to enhance its white color and give it additional shine in order to provide greater elegance. These wedding rings are made with 75% pure gold, 16% palladium, and 9% pure silver.

Yellow Gold Wedding Bands

These are the most traditional, elegant, and commonly used type of wedding bands that exist. They tend to attract a lot of attention from couples because they have a simple design style and can be easily combined with any item of clothing as well as with jewelry of all kinds.

Moreover, it is possible to maintain them quickly and without major inconveniences by simply immersing them inside warm soapy water to restore their shine. They are usually made of 75% gold and 25% silver and copper.

Green Gold Wedding Bands

This is a less common type of band and until now, very unknown in the industry of weddings. Nevertheless, that does not mean that it is not a good option; on the contrary, it can represent an interesting alternative for that couple who wants to stand out from the rest.

To obtain this type of color, 75% gold, 15% silver, 6% copper, and 4% cadmium are used.

Types of Wedding Bands According to Their Accessories

Lastly, we have left this space to outline the various wedding bands that you can find according to the accessories they contain. Let’s explore them:

Personalized: these wedding bands are handmade in the workshop according to the tastes of each couple. These rings can have the engraving you’d like and with the theme that best identifies the union with your partner.

With diamonds: if you want to give your jewelry a more luxurious look, you can resort to precious gems. You will get striking, elegant pieces with a vibrant and splendid shine.

Double: this is a very delicate, fine design that stands out for its great beauty. These are two rings that are crossed with each other, which maintain a refined contrast.

Bicolor: these combine different shades that give the band a charming appearance. They stand out for being versatile accessories that can be combined with different types of jewelry.

Original: these usually reflect the creative style of the couple at its best. They can have almost what you can imagine in a ring, such as phrases, symbols, precious stones, reliefs, effects, strange shapes, among many other aspects.

As we’ve seen, there are various styles of wedding bands that you can use to formally declare the most significant commitment of your life. Keep in mind that our online store has the best wedding band options. We have an interesting jewelry financing program for you to take your favorites home.

Wedding Bands: What Types Exist?

on Jan 23, 2023


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