Silver and Gold Jewelry: Tips for Wearing Them Together

Silver and Gold Jewelry: Tips for Wearing Them Together

There has always been a taboo around the mixing of silver and gold jewelry. It has been considered a bad practice in the world of jewelry, since it is believed that pieces of the same material should be combined to achieve a cohesive look. In fact, it was once believed that the mixing of these two metals could bring bad luck, or cause “your paths to cross.”

The consolidation of new trends, which encourage us to bend the rules and venture a little outside of the established bounds, has, however, gradually changed these views. As a result, the pairing of silver and gold jewelry within the same outfit has enjoyed tremendous success in the world of fashion.

But, how can one wear both metals flawlessly in one outfit? At Five Star Jewelers we have created the following post to share the reasons why this combination should be taken into account as well as some additional advice to achieve successful looks.

Let’s explore them!

Silver and Gold Jewelry: Reasons to Wear Them Together in the Same Outfit

Risking the unknown, that is the foundation of numerous trends that have taken a tremendous leap and have overthrown various paradigms. Because of this, it’s worth knowing the three main reasons why you should wear silver and gold jewelry:

● When you wear these two metals at the same time, their shine is being enhanced.

● They are timeless pieces that never go out of style and always attract all eyes.

● It is about a creative, daring, unpredictable, risky, elegant, sophisticated, and always original mix.

Tips for you to Mix Your Silver and Gold Jewelry

We have already said it before, wearing silver and gold accessories is a risky proposition; however, the saying goes that “those who will not risk cannot win,” and in this case you can gain recognition, admiration, and attract all eyes wherever you are.

However, the concern about how to mix silver and gold jewelry always arises. Therefore, in order for you to do it properly, we invite you to take into account the following recommendations. Take note!

Choose a Piece That Mixes Gold and Silver 

Finding items with this union is one of the options you can consider if you want to mix the two metals. Idealistically, neither of the two materials should be cut; rather, they ought to work well together. 

There are many possibilities available, one of them being gold chains with silver accessories, or vice versa.

Create Subtle Combinations

We understand that you may feel a little alluded to by the visual impact caused by the combination of these two metals. Therefore, an additional recommendation is that you start by making subtle combinations that bring you comfort.

In this way, you can start by choosing those accessories in which one of the materials is the protagonist while the other has a less prominent presence. An option to consider would be gold bracelets with silver gems. 

Opt for Layering

This is a style that is in trend and to which many designers around the world have bet. It focuses on a monochromatic concept that applies perfectly to the mixing of gold and silver jewelry.

For you to include it in your outfit you can choose the same design in silver and gold jewelry pieces and alternate them with each other. You must take into account the height of each accessory in order to achieve a greater visual impact. For example, consider gold and silver necklaces of different lengths.

Bet on Safe Combinations

If you are one of those individuals who are looking to experiment with new trends but do not want to take too much of a risk, you can opt for a safe and discreet alternative. This is about including gold and silver braceletsin the same attire. You can use them alternately in the same hand or combine each material in a different one.

Likewise, silver and gold rings are another of the combinations that have managed to attract the spotlight. You can mix these two materials on the same finger or use them separately.

Choose Jewelry That Reflects Your Style

Even though this piece of advice comes last, before wearing any kind of jewelry, it’s crucial to consider which pieces of jewelry will provide you the greatest sense of comfort and allow you to express your personal style. Each piece or accessory that you wear should complement your outfit.

Additionally, consider the amazing opportunity you have at your fingertips to experiment with trendy pieces of gold and silver jewelry, which will allow you to develop a more daring and endearing style.

New trends encourage previously unimaginable combinations, as you have seen in this post with regard to gold and silver jewelry. You can experiment with different combinations to create a sensation at any family or social gathering you attend. 

We encourage you to transform your sense of style with the different precious jewelry options that we have available in our online store. Explore our various financing methods and take your favorite pieces of jewelry home.

Silver and Gold Jewelry: Tips for Wearing Them Together

on Jan 23, 2023


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