How to Wear Cuban Gold Chains: Five Tips

How to Wear Cuban Gold Chains: Five Tips

Although there are various kinds of jewelry available on the market, Cuban link bracelets are unquestionably among the most fashionable, stylish, and eye-catching pieces. The hip-hop movement helped these accessories gain popularity in the 1980s, and they have managed to stay in style ever since, setting emerging trends along the way.

However, it should not be overlooked that with the arrival of many Cuban immigrants, these also rose to fashionable prominence in Miami. Because of this, it is now fairly normal to see citizens of different backgrounds wearing these accessories. 

How to wear Cuban chains is still a general puzzle, though. Hence, Five Star Jewelers has prepared the following post, in which you will find 5 fashion suggestions to help you wear these chains in an amazing style, as a response to this question.

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Cuban Link Chain: What are its Characteristics?

Before you learn how to properly wear a Cuban Link Chain, it’s important that we highlight the characteristics that define this accessory:

● It is a classic chain style that is frequently worn as a necklace, although there are also models in bracelets.

● Cuban chains have oval-shaped links that cross over one another in a rope-like pattern.

● This chain has evolved over the years, and today it is regarded as both street jewelry and high-end jewelry.

● It is possible to find these pieces in a variety of thicknesses, with the most popular styles falling between 10 mm and 19 mm in width. 

● Men’s Cuban gold chains come in a variety of sizes, the most common being long, wide, and thick pieces. 

● As for women’s Cuban chains, they are usually thinner, finer, and more sophisticated.

Five Fashion Tips for Wearing Cuban Chains 

If you’ve never worn a gold Cuban chain before, you’ll undoubtedly be faced with the uncertainty of how these pieces should be styled. Like all jewelry items, different factors must be taken into account in order to achieve and embrace an eye-catching look. Hence, without further ado, below we’ll note five tips for you to wear this accessory with an incredible sense of style.

1. Choose the Right Color and Material

Although the traditional Cuban chains were distinguished by their use of exclusive yellow gold, nowadays, these models have become increasingly versatile. Therefore, it is possible to find Cuban chains in adaptable styles and in a wide variety of materials. White gold, rose gold, yellow gold, and tricolor metals are some common examples.

Your outfit and, consequently, your physical appearance, take on a different light thanks to each of these colors and materials. If you’d like to look a little more polished and light, then the white gold Cuban chain is the best option for you. On the other hand, for those who’d like to look more refined, daring, and adventurous, the yellow gold chain is the finest choice.

2. Consider the Width and Length of the Cuban Chain

If we go back to the origins of Cuban chains, we’ll notice that they were designed as thick and prominent accessories. However, given the expansion that these pieces have experienced, nowadays, these pieces can be obtained in a variety of thicknesses.

Hence, another factor that you should consider when choosing the Cuban link bracelet that would best suit you is its thickness. They exist from micro Cuban styles to Cuban chain options ranging from 4mm to 8.5mm in width. These are ideal designs for those looking for elegant, minimalist, and discrete accessories.

On the other hand, there are the classic 10mm Miami Cuban chains, the 12mm Cuban ones, and the thickest ones which are 19mm wide. Contrary to the previously-referenced styles, these would be a good option for those who do not seek to go unnoticed and instead, want to manifest a bold, daring, and impressive style.

Moreover, it is important that you consider the length of the Cuban gold chain. Normally the most popular styles are those that have measurements falling between 18 inches or 24 inches in length.

3. Decide if You’d Like to Wear it With or Without a Pendant

The Cuban link chain by itself is an eye-catching accessory that doesn’t need additional elements to make it appear stunning. Nevertheless, there are medallions or pendants that can be a magnificent complement to your style.

There are no set guidelines for choosing the pendant in question, but you must make sure the chains are smaller—between 3mm and 5mm—so they can hang appropriately. Similarly, you should consider the ideal color so that the chain and pendant you select can create an eye-catching contrast.

4. Choose the Right Outfit

The Cuban link gold chain will look good if you know how to combine it with the right outfit. Keep in mind that the first thing you must determine is the chain’s thickness so that you can select which are the garments that will best highlight it.

Shirts, suits, or sweatshirts are frequently excellent allies to emphasize heavier chains. Meanwhile, thinner chains will be good companions for day or evening outfits.

When it comes to colors, neutral tones like blue, black, gray, and white go best with these pieces. If you want to emphasize an urban style, jeans might also be a great complement. Consider wearing a Cuban chain with high-end clothes to give your appearance a distinctive feel.

5. Complement the Chain with Other Accessories

A Cuban chain around your neck is a genuine statement of class and elegance. The nicest part about this item is how well it goes with different kinds of accessories to enhance your appearance. 

Men’s Cuban link chains can be paired with various accessories, such as rings, bracelets, and watches, to elevate your look.

Women can choose necklaces, earrings, bracelets, watches, and other accessories to completely accessorize their outfits. 

As a general rule, you should choose pieces of a single color. For example, if you’d like to wear a Cuban chain in white gold, the other accessories should be of this same color to avoid unnecessary contrasts. 

You are already aware of the five factors that you should take into account to properly wear a stunning Cuban chain and flaunt outstanding outfits. Keep in mind that we provide top-notch Cuban chains in our online jewelry store. Take your favorites home today!

How to Wear Cuban Gold Chains: Five Tips

on Jan 23, 2023


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