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Pawn your clothes
en Five Star Jewelers It is very easy, keep these requirements in mind and receive the best payment on the market:
  • You must be over 18 years of age and present a valid official identification.
  • The item you wish to pawn will be reviewed and priced by a qualified agent.
  • You must fill out a form with full name, address, telephone and a detailed description of the item to be pawned. This document will also include information with the interest and terms of the loan.
  • You must sign and leave a mark on the legal document of commitment that will have 3 copies (Client, police and company).
  • Remember that each pawn shop has its own specific conditions both for receiving certain garments and for the information you request.
  • To remove the garment, the same person who made the commitment must show up, show their ID and carry Cash.
  • Payments will be made over a period of 30 days, as long as the pledge remains at the pawn shop.
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Frequently Asked Questions

En Five Star Jewelers We love helping our clients at all times, that's why we have a pawn service so that you can leave your clothes as a loan guarantee in our stores if you need cash. For this, we will agree on payments and interest on the loan, and we will sign a legal document so that the entire process is transparent and you are sure to leave your jewelry in the best place.
En Five Star Jewelers We know that your jewelry is very important, that's why we demand a series of requirements to be able to make the commitment and withdraw the loan. Know all the conditions in the content of this page.
Remember that payments will be made within a period of 30 days, as long as the pledge remains in the pawn shop.
From the moment we receive the jewelery from our clients until the moment they collect it, we make sure to protect it and keep it safe. In addition, we know the value they have, that's why we are known for making the best payments on the market easily and effectively. Bring your jewelry, do your best and receive CASH instantly!
In order to remove your garments from the pawn shop, you must bear in mind that only the same person who did the pawn can do it, with their ID and Cash.

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